Infrared Thermography is a vital technology for manufacturing plants and factories today. With the proliferation of electricity sensitive machinery and complex circuitry, maintenance of such plants is of vital importance. Such machines are hard to obtain, expensive and may not be replaced easily. The expensive cost of obtaining brand new machinery to replace damaged ones means that it would be more beneficial to monitor and maintain such machines.

Mechanical Thermography

Infrared Thermography is technology that utilizes detection of heat signatures to pinpoint critical areas where the circuitry might be damaged.

Infrared Thermography used to be expensive, difficult, and primarily used by large industrial facilities and the military.These days, it's become much more affordable, easier to use, and more broadly applied. We strongly recommend our Customer's that they should have their own Thermal Imager to use it on a daily basis to monitor their Machinery but for those who still want Thermal Imaging as a Service we have a set of dedicated Trained Engineers who can offer Thermography Services.

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