Our commitment to the customer is to offer value addition by addressing the requirment of High Precision Data Mining systems for their process. TIPL team addresses following points on Steel segment.

  • Production
  • Quality
  • Energy Conservation
  • Environmental Issues
  • Reduce downtime solutions

TIPL beleive in better engineering and develop customized solution as required by Steel Applications. TIPL handels Temperature, Flow, Level, Vibration etc parameters in steel industry. we offer High Precision Monitoring System which are hooked with Level 1 and Level 2 Automation and helps the Steel manufacturing end users to define thier set points as per control phylosophy.

TIPL address folowing Steel Applications -

  • Coal Ball Mill High Precision Level Mesasurment System – This Monitoring system ensures the increase in productivity of Coal Dust with required micorn size and finally it helps in improving the combustion efficiency of Power Plant Boilers. Also this solution reduces the energy consumption and down time of Ball mills. This include the reduction of Ball consumption.
  • Coal Dust Flow Monitoring System – In Blast Furnace Coal Injection Plant we offer flow measurment for the customers. In this application customer wants to measure the consumption of coal which they address in their Energy Balance report. He also want to assure that operation should get alarms when coal dust get choked in the Tuyeres pipe line. TIPL offering includes solution which measure the totalized flow, % flow (a relative measurment against totalized flow) and Coal Dust Jamming Alarms.
  • TIPL also address Coal Dust Choking by measuring Temeparture parameter at Tuyeres. TIPL offers non contact measurment sensors which are well capable to monitor the Flame temperature.
  • TIPL address the Blast Furnace Stove Dome application and offer total Trunkey solution related to Temperature Monitoring System.
  • Blast Furnace Stockline levels and Burden levels are addressed by TIPL team as our level transmitter enables custmer to measure level under adverse conditions of a Blast Furnace.
  • TIPL offering address the High Precision Level measurment for Coke Dry Quenhing apllication in Steel plant Coke Oven areas. TIPL measurment system is not affected by high temeparture gases or flames, so highly accurate continuous level monitoring is possible when red hot coke is charged.
  • Temeparture Monitoring System for Coke Oven Plant Chamber application which enabels the customer to have cleaner burning of coke and this corresponds to coke quality.
  • TIPL offers Hot spot detetion monitoring system for Coke Oven Quenching section as this directly impacts the quality of coke produced.
  • TIPL address the Temperature Monitoring System which detects the hot point which avoids the damage of the rubber conveyer belt.
  • High Precision Temperature monitoring system at Sinter Ignition Hood, Crash Deck and cooling bed. TIPL enables the operations to address their Sinter quality and conveyor safety with this monitoring system.
  • TIPL also address the level parameter at Sinter automated Sinter busker system.
  • TIPL enables to detect the choking at Suction area. TIPL offering enabels the opartion to detect the flow at air suction pipes and give alarm ouput during coking conditions. This application directly related to Sinter Quality.
  • TIPL offers high precision temeparture monitoring system for Steel Melting Shop Laddel Coverter. Here the customer wants to detect the hot spots at the bottom of Ladle Converter and on this thermal profile details they analyze the condition of insulated fire bricks.
  • Hot spot detection system for Torpedo cars is provide by TIPL. Basically customer is more interested to measure the thermal profile of the bottom refractory of Torpedo.
  • TIPL address to Continuous Caster High Precision temeparture monitoring system which directly address to quality of Steel produced.
  • TIPL offers the Temperature Montiroting system for addressing the application of preheating furnace, Mills, Slab Scaling etc.
  • TIPL domain experience and offerings are very use full to measure the temeparture of entry and exit of Finish Mill, Roughing Mill and Laminator section of mill.
  • TIPL address the Furnace Profiling application for Plate mill preheating furnace which leads to the objective of TUS. This improves the quality and reduces the rejection.
  • TIPL offers level measurment devices for Bunker applications.
  • TIPL addresses the Balance of Plant applications like Chute Jammings, Conveyor Belt Tear Detectors system etc.
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