"We don't have employees, we have stakeholders!"

Output is a manifestation of your inner self, it will be what you feel.
Masterpiece can only be created by a satisfied heart at a secure place in peaceful mind – and we give it all.

TIPL is an amazing place to work – For  six decades, we have been nurturing smiling faces in the form of satisfied stakeholders (remember! we don’t have employees, we have stakeholders) and creating a sense of belonging among them. We are as fast paced as a start-up, providing new opportunities and challenges but also have the stability of six decades behind us.

Our people love challenges and always live up to it. In TIPL, we believe passion makes dreams come true, and we hire people who are passionate about what they do and want to make a difference, accept no limits, have a positive approach, are leaders and do not crumble under pressure.

4 Reasons why TIPL:

  • 360 Degree Growth: We have diversified business units and departments, giving endless opportunity to learn and grow. With TIPL as your career collaborator, the future is bright and the possibilities of growth are endless. Let your talent take you as far as you can dream of.
  • Training Programmes: We know the value of upgrading. We give regular and useful training to powering your career growth and development.
  • Job Satisfaction and Security: Money alone cannot keep people happy and satisfied. We give our people new opportunities to explore and encourage them to be leaders, giving a great environment to grow.
  • Stakeholders and not employees: For us, our people are the stakeholders and we are the caretaker of their dreams. In their hand lies the power to redefine our vision ad mission.
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